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Research Interests

Dr. Rosado's research interests include cyberpsychology, education in cybersecurity,  Legal Anthropology, diversity training, digital identity, medical tourism, domestic violence, Afro-Brazilian religion, native epistemology, gender inequality, ethnic identity, body modification and the symbolic nature of beauty.


She positions herself as a womanist and digital anthropologist who studies the digital landscape of concepts relating to race, gender, and education in the African Diaspora.







Hair and Identity Among Women of African Descent


Florida A&M  University  

B.S. in Political Science and Human Resource Management

Mapping the Social and Digital Threat Landscape for Cyberterrorism

Theorizing Race in the Diaspora

Cultivating Technological Competence in Diverse Communities


Vanderbilt University Law School

Juris Doctorate


University of Florida

MA and Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis in Sociology and a certificate in Women's Studies


Norfolk State University

M.S. in Cybersecurity

Emphasis on Cybersecurity Education and Psychology



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